Outreach Marketing in 2021

Outreach Marketing in 2021



73% of salespeople using social selling as part of their sales process outperform their sales peers and exceeded quota 23% more often. (Aberdeen) This is realistic and testifiable from personal experience in freelancing, affiliate marketing, and software development. Let's jump into it.



What Does Outreach Mean for Marketers? 

Outreach, in business, means expanding your network to create business relationships. Although outreach can be directly related to sales, it's much broader to include general networking.  In the old days, this was done on the telephone, but now, the channels for outreach tend to be social media and email. Marketers reach out to bloggers, influencers, small & large businesses, mentors, and much more.



Who does outreach?

Outreach marketing isn't limited to marketing agencies. It can be the task of any product or service business trying to acquire new customers. 

Freelancers promoting their services. Copywriters, Programmers, Graphic designers, Social Media experts, and many others.


  • Retail business. 'Retail' is the B2C (Business to Consumer) area. Or non-business customers in other words. Fashion, Electronics, Games, etc. The fashion industry is particularly seeking influencers at the moment. Celebrity endorsements are still a thing, but very expensive. So minor social influencers have been identifying to be quite effective marketing. The trick is finding them. Being almost a commodity right now, influencers get bombarded with product placement proposals.


  • Service businesses. Think of trades, carpet cleaners, accountants, etc. They all need new customers to continue sales. 


  • Software and other self-serve industries. For software and web hosting, a popular outreach goal is targeting bloggers. Bloggers will often create 'round up' posts that you've read many times before - the "Top 10...{insert product}". Getting featured on these is fantastic for driving organic traffic. 


  • Industrial suppliers. Predominantly B2B (Business to Business). Building materials, electrical, chemicals, plastics, and infinitely more. These companies nearly always have Sales Representatives to do physical outreach to business prospects.



The relationship with CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM is the full spectrum of the customer life cycle, from acquisition to customer service. It has however become synonymous with the software category that helps manage this process. It tends to have a more corporate focus, but there are 'light' versions for the common blogger, freelancer, small entrepreneur, etc. 


The fundamental is managing the status of where you're at with each prospect turned customer. If you were managing 100's of prospects, you would never remember exactly where you're at, what they said, did they respond, etc. 


The aspect is efficiency in growing your customer base. You want to get the highest yield for your efforts. It would be inefficient to contact a prospect, they show some engagement, but then you get busy with other prospects leaving that first one to go cold. a CRM helps you to improve the process to be much more certain you proved the prospect was either interested or not - not letting them slip away. 



Outreach: The bad way:

Sale focused. Going straight for the sale. You're a busy and ambitious person, ready to play the numbers game. More prospects, more sales, more money. You make projections like "I'll contact 1000 people a day, then at 2% conversion multiplied by profit, I'll be crushing it. 



Outreach: The good way:

Value focused. You've come to the enlightening conclusion that you don't matter! No one cares about you, no one cares you have bills and dreams, and no one cares if don't succeed (or even die!). Great, you're prepared for sales now. 

So forget about selling for a moment. People ONLY care about what's it for them, so your job is to deliver that. Now, are you ready for the SILVER BULLET of marketing that, to be honest, changed everything for me...



"Get them MADE or get them PAID"

The essence of motivation for people is themselves! 'Made' is success in physical beauty, health, status, relationships etc. 'Paid' is obviously income, which on a deeper level is a temporary relief to the 'fear of poverty' ('Think and Grow Rich' - Napoleon Hill). When you propose something directly related to one (but preferably both) of these, it's like an offer they can't refuse. Ideally, your product or service is near directly serving these. If it's a little more grey, then you need to shape your offer to focus on these.


When a product or service isn't directly getting them made or paid, it's really not urgent to them. It might be 'interesting', but there's no real conviction to acquire this. It can even be confusing if they need it all. 


The bottom line here is that offers that aren't directly helping the prospect get made or paid, it's harder to sell as it takes more convincing. Insurance is an example of this. No one wakes up in the morning like "oh my god I need insurance today!". The marketer goes with the angle of agitating the idea their life will be ruined (opposite of made) and will lose money (opposite of paid). 



Outreach Marketing Tool:

Software tools in this area roughly fall into 2 categories:


  • High automated high volume spambots with automatic placements.
  • Semi-automated productivity tools with manual placement.


Please don't consider the first. They don't work and will get you banned. I understand the temptation of a higher number equating to more sales, but it's not a reality, unfortunately. 


The semi-automated productivity tools are much better at campaign assistance. A good outreach tool has the following features:


  • Tracking Link & Shortener
  • Recording the who, what, where, when, how often of outreach pitching.
  • Isolates the Source, Message, Product of each pitch for fast templating, and to gather performance analytics of specific components
  • Spam Rate Limit Management (Quantity per 24 hours)
  • Click performance analytics
  • Manage Facebook Groups
  • Manage Quora Groups
  • Manage Instagram
  • Manage Email to bloggers etc
  • Disable people or groups that declined the pitch
  • Identify Best Performing Messages
  • Reusable Outreach Templates
  • Prevent Social media restrictions from over-spamming ("Facebook jail").
  • Avoid accidentally re-pitching to people who declined pitch.
  • By knowing which sources performed best, you can retarget them.
  • By knowing which sources performed worst, you can stop wasting time.
  • You can effectively A/B test your messages to increase conversions.
  • Get maximum yield from your sources by posting regularly, as opposed to forgetting for a while.
  • Avoid over posting to a source. You'll see the last date, so you can spread it evenly.


Reachmonk has all these attributes, and has a Free plan :)



Challenges and Setbacks

Since the majority of this work is done via Social Media and emails, both a very susceptible to spam blocking. The dreaded 'Facebook Jail' etc. All these platforms, including the email providers, are usual algorithms to detect the quality of marketing content. Too many unsolicited emails and messages will likely lead to temporary bans. It's rare to get permanent blocks, unless you're a ruthless spammer. 


The email providers will use unsubscribes, open rates, and spam flags as triggers, along with text analysis. There is a long list of spam flag words such as "money, viagra, free, diet pills" etc. 


The age of Social Media accounts is also a big factor. A new account that starts joining heaps of groups and posting a lot will get blocked very quickly. I personally limit my Facebook campaigns to 25 messages/day, and it's been a flawless experience. 



The future of Outreach Marketing

The future is definitely a semi-automated approach. You're ultimately doing this for a Return on investment, therefore you can't justify spending great amounts of time on every prospect. You need to strike the balance of time efficiency, and authenticity. Spamming a million emails with a single templated message doesn't achieve much. The poor opening rates and high unsubscribes will likely get limited or blocked by the email provider. 


The marketing approach will always need to evolve because clients become desensitized to message formats. Something that might be effective and trendy today, will become ignored in months and years ahead. An example of this is banner ads. We almost blind to them now as we've been overloaded with them for years. 



FREE Outreach Management Software

ReachMonk helps you run a tight outreach strategy. It manages who, where, when, how often you've made outreach posts/comments/emails etc. It handles spam rate limits on social platforms, fast templating, and more.

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