Blogger Outreach in 2021

Blogger Outreach in 2021



I feel the general advice on Blogger outreach is by people who don't actually do it. The advice is to stalk their Twitter and give fake feedback like "Loved your comment about ...". I'm here with my 2 cents on something significant they're missing. Read on...



How Do I Connect with Bloggers?

So I don't recommend stalking their Twitter with fake comments hoping it'll be rewarded with a favor. It's so oversimplified, and I'd like to ask the authors of this opinion do they actually believe it? It's like a salesperson in a shop acting like your friend. You see right through it. When someone gives an overly optimistic comment on social, a typical thought is 'what do they want?'. If they comment once it'll be like 'ok cool'. But when they follow up with 'so I want you to do something for me', it cancels the Genuity of the first comment, and it's the fast path to being ignored. 



No one cares about you

No one cares about you, no one cares you have bills and dreams, and no one cares if don't succeed (or even die!). Great, you're prepared for outreach now!

People ONLY care about what's it for them, so your job is to deliver that. Approaching someone and basically saying "hey add my blog so I can get a backlink" is not enough. Since they don't care about you, they're thinking "what's in it for me?". 



Outreach is alliances, not begging. 

You MUST come up with a win-win pitch. Actually, put yourself in their shoes, and honestly say if you would do it? Mutual promotion of blogs or products is the most simple example of this. Don't be a beggar asking everyone to give you a link. 



The sum of your value

Create a detailed audit of what your value is. Some examples are:

  • Website traffic
  • Your network (people you know)
  • Proprietary products. Software, courses, etc.
  • Skills (Web development is a great one)
  • Email lists



A win-win Outreach Strategy

After you've audited your value, you now have the ingredients of a great win-win pitch. Here are some examples:

  • Blog post exchange for mutual promotion
  • Bundling offers. Let's say they offer an eBook for their email list signups. If you had a course, you could potentially offer it to them for free so they can bundle it with their offer. From their perspective, it's great. 
  • If you have some coding skills, and you identified a blog bigger than yours that has a bug or something that could be fixed quickly, you could offer that service.
  • A detailed product review post



Blogger Outreach Tools

Software tools in this area roughly fall into 2 categories:

  • High automated high volume spambots with automatic placements.
  • Semi-automated productivity tools with manual placement.

Please don't consider the first. They don't work and will get you banned. I understand the temptation of a higher number equating to more sales, but it's not a reality, unfortunately. 


The semi-automated productivity tools are much better at campaign assistance. A good outreach tool has the following features:


  • Tracking Link & Shortener
  • Recording the who, what, where, when, how often of outreach pitching.
  • Isolates the Source, Message, Product of each pitch for fast templating, and to gather performance analytics of specific components
  • Spam Rate Limit Management (Quantity per 24 hours)
  • Click performance analytics
  • Manage Facebook Groups
  • Manage Quora Groups
  • Manage Instagram
  • Manage Email to bloggers etc
  • Disable people or groups that declined the pitch
  • Identify Best Performing Messages
  • Reusable Outreach Templates
  • Prevent Social media restrictions from over-spamming ("Facebook jail").
  • Avoid accidentally re-pitching to people who declined pitch.
  • By knowing which sources performed best, you can retarget them.
  • By knowing which sources performed worst, you can stop wasting time.
  • You can effectively A/B test your messages to increase conversions.
  • Get maximum yield from your sources by posting regularly, as opposed to forgetting for a while.
  • Avoid over posting to a source. You'll see the last date, so you can spread it evenly.


Reachmonk has all these attributes, and has a Free plan :)



Blogger Outreach Templates

They're be no 'one size fits all' template you can use, plus it wouldn't be advisable as 1000's of other people might be using it. Instead, resort to some imagination that fits exactly what you do. Your templates should be short anyway, say 100 words max. Don't bore your prospect. 

Reachmonk helps you build reusable templates where you can essentially A/B test best performers. 



Blogger Outreach Services

Outreach service providers aren't doing anything exceptional. They'll gather some info about your business, and probably plug it into templates they use, and start messaged a bunch of prospects. Some people are happy spending $100's on this service which is fine, but for tighter budgets, Reachmonk is at your disposal.  The Free plan gives you 15 outreach campaigns per month which are plenty to get going, and the premium upgrade is only $36 for a year. 


Thanks for reading guys, hopefully, you got some value.

FREE Outreach Management Software

ReachMonk helps you run a tight outreach strategy. It manages who, where, when, how often you've made outreach posts/comments/emails etc. It handles spam rate limits on social platforms, fast templating, and more.

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